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Established since 2004, and located at Belsize Terrace in North West London, Shades Beauty & Tanning salon offers a comprehensive list of treatments for you to choose from.


Our staff believes in creating an environment where you can relax, refresh, and unwind from the daily stresses of life.


Shades Beauty and Tanning offer a diverse selection of professional treatments to leave you looking and feeling incredible.


We achieve this with our experienced and professionally trained staff, as well as our belief in using high-quality products to ensure you get the perfect result you deserve

Look Great. Feel Amazing.

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Manicure & Pedicure

Face peeling mask, spa beauty treatment,


Back Massage

Body Massage


Look beautiful with one of our facials

From our algae mask facial, designed to help extract impurities in the skin,

to our skin brightening facial which tries to assist in reducing uneven skin pigmentation, you will find the perfect treatment for you.


Our professional facial treatments are designed to help you look and feel relaxed, fresh, and alive.


It's time to treat yourself!

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Japanese manicure & pedicure

A Japanese Manicure is an ancient Japanese technique of buffing nutrients deep into the nail bed to achieve nails brimming with health.


It is perfect for clients with weaker nails who do not have the opportunity to apply nail polish. This option creates a great natural shine.


The nails are buffed all over, and the miracle paste is applied. A superfood complex of beeswax, lanolin, glycerin, squalane, paraffin, and natural silicon earth in worked into each nail and polished vigorously in one by one with the whole process being then repeated three times.


It will result in glowing nails that have the inbuilt gloss of a top coat polish.


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We use a selection of finest brands offering immediate and immaculate results

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